Incredimail by KAT Welcome to my free Incredimail letter gallery of letters, especially of horses and the donkey will have a few soon.. This is all original photo-based email stationery. To use it you must have Incredimail, a free email program downloadable from

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By the way, these are from photos of flying kites.
Flying Gecko
Flying Gecko desktop wallpaper available here.
Octypus Antics Dragonfly Kites
Click above for more macaw stationery.
Chiquita in Vines
New 9/11/11
Macaw oil portrait Mailbird Vibrant Sky
(the great majority of this site)
New 9/11/11
A cookie makes training fun
Proud Pony Bow
There are many more horsey Incredimail letters on the page links below. Unless otherwise noted, all horses pictured are or were beloved members of our family when photographed at the Dusty Boots Corral, Joshua Tree, California.
More Horses
Horse Humor
Holiday Horses
Cats Feral kitten photographed at Disney's California Adventure May your day be the cat's meow Clueless Kitten
Similar desktop wallpaper available here
More Flora Wild Chia and Friend

Cactus Heart Desert Wildflower 5
bird in the stables Bull Rider
Snowy Coyote
Matching Coyote desktop wallpaper available here
Holidays Santa & Birds

Americana Ameri-stars

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Posted 6/3/02 Updated 9-11-11